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Google Adwords Tutorial – A Step-by-Step Guide

What is & How to Google Adwords ?

I am sucked.

Many people out there have their own business Ideas & begging to invest their money to expand it & Make Money.

I want to make a 6 figure multi million company, what should i do ?”

Off course that’s the most obvious problem when you have money but don’t know where to throw it away.

The most reasonable answer is “google adWords“.

Most of the realistic companies rely on Adwords to expand their flexibility & identity.

Because !

Google adwords is the one of best PPC networks out there to market your content.

If you really know cost & gains of your products, Google Adword is a handy option for you to maximise your profit.


It could provide you more than 300% ROI.

Don’t believe ?

The image below is just a normal vision of results & even you could produce more than that.

google adwords

In this step-by-step adwords guide we will talk about a live campaign settings and how can you drive a handy traffic to your blogs & affiliate links.

Yes, You have heard right.

You can drive more traffic & visitors to your blogs & affiliate products to get a smart living through adwords.

You can either promote your own offers or any affiliate network out there.

Either it’s clickbank or maxbounty.

But what happens when bunch of people try google adwords with no knowledge ?

They just run ads without any knowledge of it, exhaust they whole investment.

In response they run out of the budget.

“Oh my God, I am in debts, What to do ?”

In this Google Adwords Tutorial, We would walk you through to avoid such consequences to start a happy living.

But before giving it a start, Make sure that the stuff you’re going to promote gives some values to users.

Because if not so.

There is no vain at all to promote craps resulting in loss of money nothing else.

Though the choice is yours but rest assures that you’re throwing away “Quality“.

So lets dive into it without any further due.

What is Google AdWords ?

I assume you already know the answer to this.

Right ?

Cool, we are good to go but there are some still newbies unaware of google ads yet.

Let me 🙂

Google adwords or Google ads is a PPC (Paid Per Click) platform where advertiser pay to shows their ads on google users within google.

What does PPC mean ?

Pay per click means that you only pay if someone clicks on your ad in google.

Amazing ?

Though the cost for that click could vary from keyword to keyword you’re using to promote your business.

But still that could be in your hand.

It’s renamed to Google ads from adwords but don’t conflict these names.

I don’t want to be vague to be very honest.

You can run ads for your promotional offers, affiliate offers though google does not like to promote affiliate links but yet you can.

Most of the affiliate marketers out there use it with some white hat tactics still.

You can do affiliate marketing with google ads as well.

But that’s another topic.

You  can promote your blogs & get installs in return of advertisement of your listings.

But i would leave up to you, Whatever you’re up to, you can do with google adwords.

Alright, let’s be more simpler here, Let’s jump over that how you can set up your campaigns in adwords to run google ads.

How to Use Google AdWords ?

Are you curious to set up your business to next level ?

Rest Assured because i am going to take you with me step by step in this google adwords tutorial to do so.

Yes, i am going to take all this headache out of you.

To set up your google adwords campaign, go to Google Ad & login to google adwords with your gmail account.

Once you do that, you will exact screen as it is below if you’re using adwords for the first time.

google adwords

As you see the above screen, Your email text box will automatically load your email address.

You can put your website url in the Url box but you can add any website here as it does not matter.

Once you do that, Click on Continue  & it will load next page where you’d set up your first campaign.

1. Daily Budget

As this is your first google adwords campaign so you’re seeing something like this below but ..

google adwords campaign

Lately, perhaps you will be seeing some other UI of adwords (Will discuss later).

You can specify the amount of your budget you will be exhausting for this particular compaign.

It’s pretty much a Low Hanging Fruit 😀 .

It also provides us with different categories and Currency options.

Choose your appropriate currency and choose the amount of your budget per day.

Save it.

2. Choose Right Audience

Be precise as this is the second most important step when you’re targeting your product or services.

But that totally depends upon the restrictions of the services you are promoting.

If there is no restriction at all, still that’s up to you that how vast or narrow your adword audience would be.

google adwords audience

You may choose “all countries and territories” but that’s worst case scenario.

Never do such broad promotions where you don’t have control on it.

What i do mostly ?

I always prefer the option “Let me choose…” why ?

Because i prefer to choose the locations of my own choice and perform some A/B Split testing.

Either the traffic i am getting from USA is more worthy or the audience from Dubai ?

So basically it helps to know that which one audience is working fine.

You can include your desired country or city & also exclude as well where you don’t want to show your ads up running.

Simply include the locations & countries where you want to promote & exclude the ones where you don’t.

Once you do that, next step is to choose the right networks and keywords for your google adwords campaign.

google adwords keyword planner

You can leave the “NETWORK” as section as it is because it will show your ads only if someone passes a keyword you are targeting.

But if you only want to show your ads in google search console then  you can Unchecked Display network by clicking on Pencil on right hand side.

Pretty simple. Isn’t it ?


Now grab the keywords related to your product or services which you’re going to promote through this campaign.

You can use google adwords keyword tool which is keyword planner.

Go to keyword planner & sign in, you will see a screen like this below:

google adwords keyword planner

Click on “Find new keywords” Enter a keyword related to your product or service & hit enter.

google adwords keyword ideas

Google adwords keyword planner will bring you bunch of keyword ideas related to your product as shown above.

It provides a detailed notes of monthly searches for specifically against each keyword and it’s Avg advertiser bidding price on top page.

Grab the most targeted keywords related to your blog or service and save these in your Keywords section of your campaign in adwords.

3. Set your bid

Now that you have targeted your audience properly.

Time to set bidding for each click you would be receiving through google ads.

As we know that google ads are too handy to use because they come up with bunch of options already.

When it comes to bidding, google adwords comes up with two different options.

google adwords bidding

The very first option is default selected and recommended by google to use.

As it will automatically set your bidding price for each keyword and show your ads ranking accordingly.


This could cost you more than your expectations as you don’t have control over it.

If you want to use this, go ahead use it.

Besides off this, the second option is much better for individual control on their budgets.

What i do mostly when i run my ads ?

I choose to select “I’ll set my bids manually” & specify the amount of money i pay google for each click.

google ads bidding

Just enter the appropriate bidding cost for each click & save it.

Let’s suppose you’re going to promote a product related to cell phones.

And you want to pay google only $.10 when someone clicks on your ad.

You would write $.10 in the text box and save it.

4. Write your ad

Alright Alright.

You have targeted your audience pretty well so far.

You have grabbed the targeted keywords as well from google keyword planner.

You’re done with bidding cost & daily budget already.

But there is no use of those all things if your ads copy is not attractive.

Creating your ad is the last most important step in adwords.

You’re driving a quality traffic to your ad copy but if users are not converting into customers by click on it.

It’s all wasted away.

google ads copy

Put your website or product’s page URL which you’re going to promote into Landing Page section.

Now know that most important steps in it are your “Headings” & “Description” but headings at first for sure.

Keep in mind that you would have to turn your visitor into your customer.

For the sake of that, You must have to write something very picky or catchy that persuades your visitors.

Forces them to click on your ad & visit your website or go to your product’s page to make a purchase.

You can offer them some free services or major discounts in your heading or target their emotions to make them click on it.

You’re description plays an important role as well.

Try to include much offers, bonuses, discounts and other stuff in your description.


Description should be relevant to your heading 1 & heading 2 as it should not have any contradictions.

In conclusion, you ad copy must be brainstorming & must bring a value to your user over all.

Now your google adwords compaign is ready to run, let it run for 3-4 days for testing purpose.

If it generates some values, increase your daily budget & scale it up.

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