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What is Clickbank Marketplace – A Complete Guide

Clickbank Review - How Clickbank Affiliate Make Money

I assume you want to make money online with clickbank marketplace ?

Right ?

Earning some extra bucks of cash in your leisure time isn’t something impossible.

Only if you know how to do that in a right way.

As there are many different methods to make money online & Several Business Ideas so it must be a little contradiction for you to choose.

But don’t worry as i am here to sort it for you.

I will write in a very depth that what is clickbank marketplace & how affiliates are making a 6 figure though it.

I am going to unleash whatever is best of me in a step by step guide.

Sounds wonderful right ?

But before starting it, let me show you some real money that i have earned from clickbank when i was new to this.


This is awesome when you’re totally newbie in affiliate marketing.

Right ?

But that’s not too sticky right ?

Let me show you one more clickbank earning proof.


Pretty cool when you especially have no skills in you hand.

Isn’t it ?

But there is a much more to reveal yet, have a look at this weekly report.


Just Amazing !

Alright, so without any further due, let’s dip into clickbank affiliate marketing.

1: What is Clickbank

Clickbank is a top internet retailer for digital products. It’s a platform where products owners & their sellers (Affiliate) end up.

People who launch & release their products on clickbank marketplace is somehow called vendors.

Others who promote a vendor’s product known as affiliates or affiliate marketers.

You should be clear so far & i hope that you are.

Now when some affiliate marketers promote a specific product which is given in clickbank marketplace, he gets a specific amount of commission.

Commission could be any range, any number or any value against each product specifically.

2: What is Clickbank Marketplace

Clickbank Marketplace is a market where you would find all the products to analyse & promote.

Login into your clickbank account & you will see something like this below exactly.

clickbank marketplace

If you don’t have a clickbank account, make one by just signing up here, It’s pretty to create a clickbank account as easy as a piece of cake.

Just fill out all the required information and sign up on clickbank.

Pretty simple ? Yes it is.

Clickbank market place is central place for all the products & offers to be promoted.

You can pick up a product of your choice to make money with different promotion methods.

Now that you’re here so before jumping into it & choosing a valuable & converting product, Many factors to be determined.

Isn’t it a cool thing to know that you choose a product which converts like Bombing into your wallet ?

Awesome right ?

Gonna dig it for you.

Stay steady & focused.

3: Niche Selection/Categories

When it comes to clickbank, there are many niches or categories available there waiting to be promoted.


That’s not a tactic you’re going to promote any random product without check it out.

If you’re doing so, I would urge you to stop it.

You’re wasting away your money man!

Yes stop that until you read this whole method.

Do not waste your money.

Once you jump over to clickbank marketplace, you would see all the niches & categories on the left side exactly as shown in image below.

clickbank marketplace


Emphatically these all categories convert somehow pretty well.


You have to be very picky when you’re in niche selection.

Because this could cause your budget to be exhausted to quickly.

Only if you pick up a niche with high competition.

So be a smart marketer, invest less & gain more.

4: Popularity

Once you have picked up a niche of your choice.

You will come to know all the products in that particular niche listed below.

The listed products in clickbank marketplace are automatically sorted by their popularity.

What does that mean actually ?

The products are placed in a ascending order & if you look up above in the filters, You will see that Popularity tag is selected automatically.

That means the most popular clickbank products or offer will be on the top in that category exactly as in the image below:

clickbank popularity

The most popular product means that it’s most converting so far in that niche.

But do not choose the top one if you’re planning to promote a product.

Just get an idea that which products are most popular & keep a record of them in your eyes.

5: Gravity

I always prefer to sort all the products according to their gravity.

Now what does a gravity mean in clickbank ?

A gravity tells us that how well converting a product is.

The higher the gravity, The more number of affiliates are promoting that product.

Off course that converts as well.

Though the numbers may vary but that gives us an idea about converting products.

But besides of all this, I try not to promote the higher gravity products above than 100.

Why ?

Because once you choose that high, that means you’re going to conflict with other affiliate marketers.

So your competitor.

You may get sales or some conversions but the numbers will be pretty low as the competition will be higher.

I would recommend you to stay between 40-60 somehow when you sort products through gravity.

To do that, Click on Marketplace & Select Your Niche, On the left hand side you will see Reset Filters and Attributes exactly as shown below:

clickbank gravity

Select Minimum & Maximum Gravity just by dragging the line below it & It will bring you all the products between these numbers.

6: Product Type

As there are several clickbank products out there and have different types as well.

But once you sort out all the products with gravity.

Go to attributes sections and you will see Shippable Media & Products with PitchPlus as well as shown in Image Below:

clickbank pitchplus

A shippable Media is a product which will be sent over to your buyer physically at his location.

But a product with PitchPlus could be any virtual product with an online access.

Off course choice is yours but.

I personally prefer to promote products with PitchPlus.

Why ?

PitchPlus is in fact a cool feature offered to your buyers at the time of leaving the landing page without Buying.

What ?

Let me clear your ambiguity.

What does a PitchPlus do ?

When a person visits your product final sale page through your link & never buys anything.

When he is about to quit the page, a Exit popup appears & offers him different discounts.

Now he is being offered a discounted price with a new landing page but still..

He does not wish to buy so what happens next ?

Again a popup will show & it will tell him something like this:

Hey Jesica,

I am offering you this product for only $7 with 99% Discount.

Just assume that if a person is offered a product with $7 instead of it’s original price of $60.

The chances of sale are much more.

Isn’t it amazing ?

Give it a try.

7: Language

There are several clickbank products with multiple languages.

But i always choose products with English language because it’s pretty easier to understand that what does a product offer.

clickbank language

That’s totally up to you if you’re familiar with other languages as well, you can choose your desired language as well.

8: Billing Type

As there are three types of billing for clickbank products.

A recurring billing, a one time billing & a trial product for $1 only as can be seen below very clearly.

clickbank billing

You can choose a billing type of your own choice but i mostly choose with One Time Billing Products.

So that customer may pay only once not each month like in recurring billing.

9: Attribute(s)

Always make sure that you choose a product which offers you multiple options for promotion and support as well.

To overcome this problem always check the box right next to “Must have affiliate tools page“.

clickbank attribute

You can leave this unchecked but i always prefer to check it before finding a good product to avoid many issues.

10: Sale Page

Last but not least, A product’s landing or sale page must be very professional & eye catchy.

Once you sorted the products with all the above methods, Last step is to look after a landing page of product you’re going to promote.

Try to avoid sales pages with a video only & no text.

VSL ( Video Sales Letter) Landing pages convert well but only if they do have a great piece of content as well.

For instance have a look at this one below:

clickbank sale page

This is a great example of well converting landing page because it has a VSL with Success Stories & great content as well.

Always try to avoid VSL with Content, Nasty Texts, Which loads slow & Does not have a pitchPlus feature.

Choose a landing page with great quality content & call to action series.



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