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What is a Fiverr Gig | Create & Optimise Fiverr Gigs

You might have created a fiverr account & now you will be looking to know what is a fiverr gig and how you can possibly create and optimise a fiverr gig.

If you don’t know how to set up a fiverr seller account, I urge you to read What is Fiverr Sign Up & How can you create fiverr account with best & optimised Usernames.

So !

Now You’re account is ready but looking to find out how to make a successful fiverr gigs that can boost your revenue & fiverr sales & orders over night.

I bet you, No one ever told you this !

You can create gigs & start waiting yourself to get orders but that’s not going to work for you.

Many mentors would just tell you bla bla bla, Create an account & create a gig and start earning money online.

fiverr gigs

You might have experienced the same thing, They are just going to charge you for nothing.

You heard it right. NOTHING!

There are many things that impact on your account & gigs to get you flood of sales but we will keep an eye on them later.

I am going to tell you a secret fiverr gig creation formula that can bring you bundle of orders without using buyer requests.

That’s right !

Even without spending any penny, you can start working as a successful fiverr freelancer.

It does not matter that either you’re completely newbie or already working on fiverr but i guarantee you that it would be beneficial for any kind of person.

So without any further due, let’s reveal the best working method of gig’s creation but before moving & jumping onto that step, Firstly, Let’s know about gigs and tours & a bit introduction.


fiverr gig

Hello! My name is zeeshan riaz & i am a top-Notch freelance expert, a successful affiliate marketer, a seo expert & founder of Next Step Generation.

Fiverr gig is a service or entity which tells your customers and other people who you have expertise in that area of interests. It’s a graphical and textual representation of your skills on fiverr.

It conveys a message to others that you’re either a graphic designer or a web developer or any other field of work that you are going to work on fiverr.

Accordingly your gigs, customers choose you, if you have a gig of wordpress web developer & if a customer needs a website in wordpress, he might be negotiating with you.

To start working and getting sales, you must have a best-selling & optimised fiverr gig so that customers should come and should not revert back once they get to see you gigs.


fiverr gigs

Now that you have well understood the importance of creating an optimised account and optimised fiverr gigs, I am going to reveal a step by step guide to make you a go through it.

There are several steps that you should keep in your mind while creating your gigs on fiverr, i am going to point out those steps and cover it in as precise as i could.

1: Imagine yourself as a buyer.

Imagine yourself that if you’re a buyer and what could be the possible options that would do to find out a service and make an order to any random seller.

One of the most common steps is that when you imagine yourself a buyer and open up fiverr & switch to buying, you will see some fiverr gigs & you will come to see a screen as exactly below:

fiverr gigs


Now you’re on home screen and you need a service to buy, so what could be the possible options to buy services through buyers ?

Imagine for a sec ! Think for a sec !

Times Up !

You might be choosing a random person by browsing categories or you might be searching for a keyword related to your services that you need. Right ?

Yeah. That’s cool thing !

Let’s say!

You don’t want to browse categories to make an order to sellers.

So what do you have now to place an order ?

Obviously you will start searching by placing your keyword related to your required work.

2: Keyword Research.

Now you’re going to search for a keyword which is related to your required service you need to buy from fiverr.

Remember that you’re a buyer for a moment.

You will see the same page as it’s right below :

fiverr gigs

Okay. So now you will see a ‘Search Box’ Saying “Find Services“.

Let’s say, I am going to create a gig which is related to graphics and i am a buyer, I need a logo design for my business.

What could i possible be searching for a logo design for my business.

There are many keywords a buyer could possible search according to a category.

First keyword will be “LOGO DESIGN“.

When i enter a keyword “LOGO DESIGN” into the fiverr’s search box, It will show some suggestions exactly as below:

fiverr gigs

But the thing is, You can’t target this keyword as this is a main keyword related to all type of logos and all the sellers under this keyword lying under this keyword.

It’s a broad search so the competition is really high, if you’re going to use the term “LOGO DESIGN” in your fiverr gig.

You can’t rank it and your fiverr gig will not show in the search results when you Hit “Search”.

You will see all the results when you hit “SEARCH” by using keyword “LOGO DESIGN” as it shows below:

fiverr gigs

Remember, Never target a whole category if you want to get sales from fiverr.

Logo design is a sub category and graphic design is the main category here.

When you enter Logo Design that means the competition is higher and so the chances are zero for you to show your gig on top search.

When a buyer searches for a keyword, He won’t be able to go to second page and so on….

He will be picking the top most sellers to place an order.

So you must be on top line of top page when someone searches for a keyword related to their business.

Let’s narrow down the search.

If you have looked up to above image, it also shows you related searches as well.

You can target the related searches of target any custom search.

The pros will be that the competition will be less so there are 200x chances your fiverr gigs would go & rank up on 1st page when someone searches for that keyword in fiverr.

Let’s say, I am going to create a gig for a logo design now & i won’t be using Logo Design word to rank my gig.

So what ?

Use your mind now and think you are a buyer.

Let’s assume i am a buyer and i am going to search for “Business Logo” instead of Logo Design.

Understood the science ?

We’re trying to narrow down the searches & competition so that our gig shows up over there on top page when someone searches for Business Logo.

Because Term “Business Logo” has less competition as compared to “Logo Design”. Mainly we are just breaking Sub-Category into small categories to stand out on first page.

When you type in Business Logo, It will show exactly as below:

fiverr gigs

Furthermore, you can break this keyword into smaller one like it shows in the suggestion above in the image, i,e business logo design, business logo and banner.

But “Business Logo” is okay and fine to work with.

Now what we will be doing ?

We will be targeting the keyword “Business Logo” when we create our fiverr gigs so that it can rank up for this keyword and when a buyer searches for “Business Logo” our gig shows up on the top page of the results.

When our gig will be on top page for this keyword, there are a lot of chances that, all the customers who search for this keyword will be ordering us.

Becuase there will be less fiverr gigs, Less competition, less sellers !

fiverr gigs


Okay ! Now you we have the keyword “Business Logo”. Let’s jump into fiverr gigs now & let’s create a new fiverr gig using this keyword.

3: Creating a Fiverr Gig.

Your keyword research is complete now and now you’re ready to create your fiverr gig to blast your sales and orders.

Once you click on create new gig, It will show you the exact screen:

fiverr gig

You might be familiar with this page if you have already made some gigs right ?

There are two things that are very important on this page if you’re really interested to get sales from clients on fiverr.

  • Gig Title
  • Search Tags

You gig title is the main thing your customer reads when they see it someone, so try to include some free services + extra bonuses + eye catchy title + YOUR MAIN KEYWORD which is “Business Logo” in this case.

I am giving you the best example of what i am trying to say and how your title and tags should look like when you target a specific keyword.

Navigate the below image for your understanding.

fiverr gigs

Did you notice something in above image ?

I am targeting my keyword which is Business Logo obviously in the title and in the tags as well.

Besides of keyword, i am giving them a free vector file which is clearly mentioned in the title and also providing them a extra fast delivery which is “4 Hours”.

Let’s talk about Search Tags:

Search Tags are the keywords that a customer searches to find out the services.

So always target your main keyword which is Business Logo in our case, I am using Main keyword in my tags and breaking down main keyword + using exact keyword as well in the tags to rank up my fiverr gig.

Select all the file formats & gig style from gig meta data on this page.

Now Select your main category & sub category as shown in image and click on Save & Continue.

fiverr gig

Now you’re done with this part, when you click save & continue, you will see a new page asking you to create your gig packages.

4: Choosing Fiverr Gigs Packages.

You can create your packages as you desire but always try to provide much more stuff in gig packages so that it inspire your fiverr buyers and boost your fiverr sales.

fiverr gigs

What i will be suggesting you is to lower your gig packages in prices & higher in the number of stuff.

That means, you’re giving much more services in cheap rates and some bonuses as well.

Always keep your basic package minimum which is obvious $5 on fiverr as you are newbie and need a push to rise on fiverr.

I would recommend you to set your gig packages $5, $15 & $45 respectively along with some free stuff as well.

Always name your gig packages like: Basic should be name as “Individual Basic“, Standard as “Silver-Recommended” & Premium as “Pro-Business Plan“.

Once you’re done with your fiverr packages, Hit Save & Continue.

5: Fiverr Gigs Description.

You have followed all the steps so far?

Good !

You will see the screen now to write your description as it’s shown below:

fiverr gigs

Now you’re question might be that where to get description to use in the description ?

The Answer is “NOWHERE”.

You must write your description by following some sellers on fiverr & analysing their description that how they are writing it.

Try to include the services in the description that you already offered in the gig packages to show some connectivity.

But besides off all these things, REMEMBER YOUR KEYWORD ?

So in my case the keyword i was about to rank was “Business Logo” which i have already used in Title & Search Tags & now it’s the time to use it in my description as well.

Without Using it in description there are less chances that my gig ranks up somewhere and shows to some buyers.

A description is what your buyers reads when after clicking on your gig so it must have some variety of words plus your main keyword you are trying to rank up your gig for.

Always use a unique fiverr description and properly enclosed using bullets & highlighted text as well.

Now you have written your description properly, highlight it, bold it, make some words italic, bullets, and use your main keyword.

Also try to add some “FAQs” like, What you would be selling ? What would be the time frame for delivery etc..

6: Fiverr Gigs Images.

This is last final & most important step when your create your fiverr gigs because a buyer checks your gig description later but first he gets attracted with your fiverr gig title & fiverr gig images.

Okay so where should you get good quality images ?

Well you can always find good quality images from 99 design but i won’t be recommending that because use your own custom images related to your category or niche.

Suppose if i am creating a gig for business logo designs, i must be using the gig images related to business logo not for minimal logos.

So know that what your gig title says & accordingly use gig images so it shows some relevancy in your gig.

Use few designs in one image to show some eye catchy design versions as shown below:

fiverr gigs

You can use your own creativity to design your custom gig preview and fiverr gig images but if not you can get from internet and making some changes & merge them into one image as it shows above.

Once you have completed all the steps above, No one can stop you to rank on top page for the keyword your have used in your gig title, search tags & description.

This is gonna blast your organic sales even without use of any buyer request, Just give it a try properly & watch it how it increase your fiverr sales even upto $1000+ in your first month But that depends on you that how well do you create & optimise your fiverr gigs.

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