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10 Easy Steps to Use ClickBank Affiliate Marketing | Make $500 a Day

Are you looking to work as a ClickBank Affiliate Marketing ?

Are you struggling to generate more income and sales in Affiliate Marketing & How to earn money with affiliate marketing ?

The answer is yes !

Because that’s the only reason you’re here to find out that what’s working properly to generate more sales being an ClickBank Affiliate Marketer.

I will teach you 10 easy steps to use ClickBank in a right way to make $500 a day. Yes ! 10 simple & easy steps, You heard it right.

Before we move towards our topic, Let’s have a look at What is ClickBank & What is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing!

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

What is ClickBank ?

ClickBank is an online marketplace or Affiliate Marketing Network & is one of the most popular websites to buy & sell digital products.

Where vendors or product’s owner place their products for other people ‘Affiliate Marketers’ to promote their products on some percentage of commission.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing


What is  Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate Marketing is a Marketing type where you promote products of some other people on some percentage of commission.

Commission may vary product to product but once a buyer or customer buys that specific product through your link, you get some commission accordingly.

Let’s Get Started with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing!

  1. Always Choose a product which has gravity from 10-50, The higher gravity product you choose, the higher will be the competition.
  2. Check out the reviews on Google and You tube accordingly the product you have chosen, Make sure it has low refund rate.
  3. Check out the product trend in Google Trends as well accordingly if that best fits and any searches you find go with it, if you can not find then still you can promote but you must have to be very picky while choosing keywords.
  4. Always Use Long Tail Pro tool for creating keywords for product, Long Tail keywords have shown twice sales as compared to others.
  5. Do not use broad match keywords if you are planning it to promote through Bing and Adword, as it might lead a high cpc.
  6. Always use Exact and Phrase Match Keywords, when you are doing ClickBank Affiliate Marketing and to do so, Use Jumbo keyword site once you have sorted out your all keywords, put them into jumbo keyword and select exact and phrase match.
  7. Use 1% Bidding rate of total commission. In some cases, you may go up to, 1-30%. Don’t worry Adword will auto adjust it.
  8. Once you have promoted your campaign successfully, Check for suggestions in Adword, it might tell you some converting keywords and ad groups as well.
  9. Keep an eye on your keywords and remove redundant keywords as well and also remove the relevant keywords the ones exhausting your budget for no cause.
  10. For an average sale, It may take maximum 200-300 hop counts on cold traffic if you’re completely newbie in ClickBank Affiliate Marketing, Keep an eye on your hop counts, if still no sale is generated, Stop the campaign and go with different product.

Oh Almost forgot to mention, Try to Promote the products with Affiliate Tool Page & Pitch Plus.

Avoid Such products those have nothing but ugly products pages, Only a video but no content, Forex Products as they have high refund rates.

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