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Start Online Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Online affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online but only with the right methods & techniques. If you’re trying to be over smart & doing it already with wrong methods then you’re just giving away your money for no cause. I must say that you are the dumb marketer & even not a marketer at all.

Besides off throwing away money if you do it with a proper planning & mind set, You could be millionaire in a very short time. So at the end it all matters that how correctly you’re doing online affiliate marketing.

As the title says, Start online affiliate marketing for beginners so i will try to keep things as simple as possible so that even a person who does not have any idea about How to start online affiliate marketing & where to start it, will understand and come to the right way of doing it.

There are many factors & steps to start your online business & many business ideas are out there but you gotta stick with one initially. Once you’re pro & expert in figuring out that what are the basic & mandatory steps to start online affiliate marketing, things will be pretty much easier.

To make your well understand & clear, I am trying to simplified few steps & highlighting them as that every newbie & intermediate level person who wishes to be master of online affiliate marketing can understand it easily.

Step# 1 : What is Affiliate Marketing ?

online affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is way of making money even it’s online affiliate marketing or local affiliate marketing. In online affiliate marketing product owners creates & develops some products for end users like us to promote their product or services.

A person or owner who creates product is called vendor in online affiliate marketing & a person who promotes their products & services is named as affiliate marketer.

Step# 2: What is a Product or Services You Promote ?

online affiliate marketing

Product & services could be anything and may very vendor to vendor. It could be a digital product, a physical product or a virtual product. You can promote products of your choice as you will given numbers of various different products to promote & as well as percentage of commission specifically against that product or services in online affiliate marketing world.

Secondly, you can promote products of your choice like you have interests in sports then go with sports products & analyse them before promoting them into market.

Step# 3: How to Start Online Affiliate Marketing ?

online affiliate marketing


There are different steps as described above to start an online affiliate marketing. Furthermore, dividing topic into small steps to bring a clear idea of it.

  • Choose a Affiliate Network or Affiliate Program:

As there are many affiliate programs & networks, you don’t need to stick with all of them when you start it from scratch. Several affiliate networks don’t accept new affiliates anymore and/or require referral links to sign up and join them.

But as for as you’re newbie, i have listed few affiliate programs where you can easily signup without any resistance & much requirements. Make sure the platform you choose, stick with it, study it, analyse it before jumping to start promote products in online affiliate marketing.


  • Choose a Niche:

After selecting the network, it is the second most important step to choose a right niche for right type of audience. If you choose wrong niche with right audience that is not gonna work trust me. I repeat, if you choose wrong niche with right audience that isn’t gonna work for you.

Suppose if you chosen a sports niche or category & promoting it with the people who have interest in pizza, they are not gonna convert & buy anything from you. So make sure you choose a niche accordingly to your audience type or if you don’t have any audience still, then you can choose based on your interests.


  • Choose a Product & Research it:

Now you have chosen your category work with or niche, the next step is to find out different products or services in it. Remember not every single product will convert for your or customer won’t buy every single product you choose to promote. So make sure the product you choose is well known and have some positive ratings & reviews on few search engines & people are looking to buy it.

Find out what people suffer the most, what problems do they have & what they are searching for. Choose their emotional interests & brainstorm them with the solution of your product.


  • Choose a Platform:

Once you chosen your affiliate network, your niche & a product to promote. The next step is to figure out where & how to promote your product to generate some more sales & income. The real question is how ? where ? I am sucked really please help ! No sales are coming out. No one is buying product. I am quieting online affiliate marketing. The answer is: WAIT ! Stay !

You can choose a platform to promote your offers, products or services based on the audience interests, search for the right audience where you promote it. There are many platforms including social media & Advertising websites & PPC Networks.

If you’re planning to promote it through PPC networks then research for targeted keywords according to product & product name itself would be a keyword as well. Keep only few highly targeted keywords 8-10 and test the product. It should convert well.

If you’re planning to promote it through social media, always look for your competitor that what type of audience is he getting. You can promote easily on social media based on people’s interests.


  • Build Your Audience:

Never lose your money! Never lose a penny. If you’re promoting some products & no one is buying still but your budget is exhausted. Don’t worry. You can still use those people for further gains. Many people do the same mistake in online affiliate marketing that they don’t know how to use their existing audience to sell anything.

You need to capture their email address if you’re promoting through PPC networks & through your landing page or website, Just add a exit intent pop & capture their email address when they leave without buying from you. Use their email address to promote later with free gifts and much more.

You can resell anything with your existing audience on facebook & other social media. That’s how you do online affiliate marketing correctly with STOP LOSS.





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