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Introducing you new Fiverr BYOB – Bring Your Own Business

Introducing you new Fiverr BYOB – Bring Your Own Business & Generate tons of orders now with few simple strategy & earn a quick revenue with Fiverr BYOB. So you might probably be thinking that what is Fiverr BYOB ? Right ? Don’t worry we are gonna take you a deep down depth in this article that what is Fiverr BYOB & how you’re gonna generate a passive income from it. To make you well understand we have divided this article into three different steps:

  1. What is Fiverr BYOB ? 

  2. How It Works ?

  3. How possibly you can generate a passive income through it (My best method that works)? 

So without further due we’re gonna step dive into out topic. If you’re a fiverr freelancer you better know how hard is it to get you orders on fiverr especially if you’re a newbie or sometimes it happens with experienced freelancers, because there is always a fluctuation on freelancing platforms & beside that No of sellers on fiverr are increasing day by day gradually so its very hard you to find out the things that will work for you and get succeeded in those.

Fiverr allows you a limited No of buyer requests that is 10 in count & somehow sometimes you won’t be able to see your buyer requests & everytime you visit your buyer request area of section, You will find nothing but yes that’s most probably case now a days & so most of the people get rid of fiverr & run away by leaving it. Well we’re not gonna discuss about buyer requests here so Let me walk you through Fiverr BYOB.

1.What is Fiverr BYOB ?

Fiverr BYOB Bring Your Own Business is a new feature or service which is given by fiverr to its trusted sellers and old ones  as for now fiverr does not allow new & fresh accounts to use this service, May be it allows on some selective accounts. The service provided by fiverrs to its sellers is free of charge and fiverr does not charge a penny for it from you, So yes you can call it a Freeware Fiverr BYOB. You can navigate & find it in your seller account under the More Tab, Just hover your mouse or curser on ‘More’ tab & you will see a new option popping out saying, Fiverr BYOB.

Fiverr BYOB

2.How It Works ?

So as for now i am warping out this step very real time short, You used to work offline beside the fiverr & fiverr is now asking you to bring your offline customers that are outside of it & previous clients with whom you used to work either they are on platform or off platform. Fiverr is giving you this feature with BYOB & asking you to bring your client on fiverr & increase your revenue & allows you a commission free offer to send them.

What you need to do is to open up your BYOB and you will be right there on Bring your Own Business page. What you will be doing here is to make a custom offer like buyer request but i would recommend you to use a long tail offer & include your sub categories as much as you can and fold the document. Just click on create offer & you can write your offer or either you can write it in your notepad and save it your local drive and you can paste the same offer in it. Now all set ? Right ? Yeah you’re reading right so far, & most of you would be probably thinking that what ?? Man ? Is it all ? This was useless i would have done by myself, So answer is No. Hold on, You’re missing out the main part of this, The last step. Here we go.

Fiverr BYOB


3.How possibly you can generate a passive income through it (My best method that works)?

You all might be thinking that this is kinda joke or fun, But trust me you’re gonna thank me later once you do the same as i am navigating you & with doing it on right group of people. Trust me guys if you just do it right then Fiverr BYOB is a blessing for you & yes its only for you when you’re sucked there with 0 orders on Fiverr & while sitting in front of your laptops for nights & days & no success at all. Ok so lets get into how you can generate a passive amount of income through Fiverr BYOB ?

You have written a well eye catchy custom offer & all set you are on the set now, Waiting for show to start ? Ok then let’s do it, Lets dive into some money making method with Fiverr BYOB.

What you need to send this custom offer through BYOB is to have your previous customer’s email address & name as well, But the name is not mandatory field here you can leave it as it is & also you can leave personal message blank. I know you might not have your client’s email address so i am summarising it shortly.

Fiverr does not know that with whom you used to work offline & with how many people have you worked so far, it could be 100 clients or 10000 clients, So sending a offer to 10000 clients will not cause any violation of TOS. Now you have to get the email address & name or forget the name for now, Just email address which is probably you don’t have right ? Lol. No worries.

Fiverr BYOB


Have you heard of email marketing ? No ? Yes ? Most of you might have heard & most of you not. So you’re not doing email marketing here, What you need in email marketing ? Answer is that email address of people to whom you are gonna promote your offer or product so in this case yes we need email list of USA/UK/CANADA, Not any email address list. But the targeted one, What you need to do a email address list of people who belong to USA/USA/CANADA, You can get it freely from internet & you can buy the targeted email list from people who do marketing, But when you buy note that only buy a list of people those who have same interest as of your niche.You can get it at very cheap price or from internet freely.

Once you have got the email list. The next step is to put your custom offer which you written earlier & paste into the offer textbox, Leave the name field & personal message, JUST HIT SEND. Copy your tracking link to see the performance that how many people you are getting through your email targeting & Fiverr BYOB.

All Set Done !!

You can send unlimited no of custom offers to your targeted email list & enjoy your sales & passive amount of money.




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