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How to Promote Fiverr Gigs on Twitter in 2019

Many people want to start working on fiverr & many of them are working but beside that all theory they are looking for ways that how to promote fiverr gigs to increase their sales & revenues. Well in that case, we’re gonna teach you in a perfect way that how you would be generating a thousand of traffic into your fiverr gigs & generate more income without spending a cent. As we all know to get some organic orders on fiverr now is becoming more & more complex with the passage of time & overall number of sellers. Many of sellers quit fiverr because they don’t know how to do things perfectly & because some of them are unable to pay high fee of mentors which is totally a scam now a days. So without further due lets head into over topic that how to promote fiverr gigs free on twitter 2019.

How to prmote fiverr gigs

So ! Let’s jump into it & you guys would be so amazed to know that this is a real time game & gonna work for you 100%.

To make you better understand, We have summarised it into few steps, Pay intentions deeply and do as i did to earn huge amount of money.

How to Promote Fiverr Gigs in 2019 ?

There are many & several ways but we’re not gonna discuss and divert from original topic, We would be telling you the best free method to promote fiverr gigs & that is social media. Yes, Social media is a free platform that you can derive a passive traffic to your fiverr gigs without spending any money. But we’re not gonna discuss all the social media platforms to get traffic, We’re gonna discuss only twitter for now.

  • Twitter

Let’s start with Twitter & how can you generate free traffic & how to promote fiverr gigs through it in a right way !

Twitter is a largest social media network with 259 million active international end users per month & 326 million active global users per month, So you imagine the amount of international users which is pretty more than high 259 million per month. So if you’re gonna target your gig to right people that means you are gonna get a huge amount of orders on fiverr and increase your sales without spending much time. What you need to do is to create a brand new account on twitter with the same name & user name that you’re having on your fiverr account, You need to show some branding kind of thing that you’re a professional freelancer.

1: Create a Account:

You can create your twitter account easily as it is pretty to sign up just like any other normal site & social media platform, But remember that you have to set your user name & profile name exactly as same as you have on fiverr account.

Once you have created twitter account & you’re done with that.

2: Profile Picture (AVI):

You don’t need to place your own image, What you need to do is to get a image which is relevant to your niche or work type & use that instead of using your own picture on twitter profile. You can use the same image which you’re using on fiverr account. Just use either of these and you’re done with it.

3: Set Your Bio:

You need to set & write you biography on twitter profile, But remember that don’t use word “I” instead of “We” That leaves a impact that you are not the individual person who is working on fiverr & you have got a team to work along. You can use your custom biography & tell them that you are doing professional type of work on fiverr or you can use description from fiverr to bio section, Just play with it & make it look like professional so that people can trust you.

4: Portfolio(Recommended):

When you’re talking about promoting your business, It’s mandatory that you should have a portfolio of or your previous work so if you’re going to promote fiverr gigs on twitter then you should use create your portfolio as well. You can use use previous work & upload files on your twitter account and give a link of your account in description or you can just share you fiverr gigs directly to your twitter account. Choice is all yours ! Once you’re done with this, You’re all set now to that how to promote fiverr gigs on twitter.

So far now you might be thinking that this was all about creating a account on twitter right ? No! Hold on, Let’s reveal the real working method that will generate passive sales on fiverr & will make you rich.

5: How to Promote Fiverr Gigs on Twitter(Working Method):

So, You’re all set, You have followed the step & now you’re ready to boom your sales on fiverr with this free working method, Sit tight ! This could be more shocking than ever that you’re gonna be a richest freelancer ever. I know many of you were looking for the term How to promote fiverr gigs on twitter so don’t worry we are gonna tell you now that how you’re gonna do it.

Now you have posted & your twitter portfolio is ready so lets get into it. If you’re new to twitter then you must know that what is HASHTAG on twitter & if you’re a social media activist then you must know it already. If you’re niche is about graphic designing & logo designing then you must consider your hashtag that it should be more relevant to your niche & category like ” #Graphics #Designing #Logo #Designs” Etc.

How to prmote fiverr gigs
How to prmote fiverr gigs

Simply use these hashtags in your twitter’s search box or text box to find out the more relevant accounts of your niche. Use some filters & find out selling accounts related to graphics & designs. Once you have found the seller accounts those which have really massive amount of followers, Go to follower section of that account & find the people who followed them, Because those are the people interested in buying services from that specific person, So just start following his follow list slowly, Don’t do this so rapidly that twitter gets your account blocked. Once you start following them, Interested people will be following you back to buy your services, Be prompt to them if they send you messages, Only follow 100 people per day so with this you can build up your own clients socially & get a huge number of sales and order in your fiverr account.

You’re gonna get a passive amount of sales by doing this as i have told you & never give up if you don’t get orders from the very first day. Keep doing this because this is the best method so far that will answer your query that how to promote fiverr gigs free on social media.

Just Keep repeating this procedure & keep following the people from seller accounts on twitter & you will get the right answer that how to promote fiverr gigs on twitter.

Enjoy Free Fiverr Gigs Promotion &  Fiverr Sales 😉 







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