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Fiverr Buyer Request – A Step by Step Guide

Why are you Getting no success with fiverr buyer requests while others are clinching it massively.

Why ? 

Have you ever thought that what’s the best they are doing to get fiverr sales through buyer requests ?

Nah !

Try to figure it out then yourself !

Don’t know why ?

Because they are successful freelancers.

You are a newbie or you have achieved some levels so far but still the problem persists.

You are failed to bring more customer through buyer requests.

May be you’re doing it wrong ?

I am damn sure it is.


I am going to give you a better idea with a step-by-step guide.

How to get more sales on fiverr through optimised fiverr buyer requests.

There are many buyers daily putting buyer requests on fiverr.

As the competition is pretty high now to get a place among 100 proposals.

But before you can start responding to buyer request.

Read how to fiverr sign up & creating fiverr gigs here.

Want to know how much i have earned in the past few months using buyer request?

Here :


But how can you do that ?

How you can write your proposal the best, the one that stands out ?

The reason why do you get failed to get a sale through buyer request is that you’re just copying & pasting the same draft.

Let me give you a step-by-step guide that how can you do that properly.

1: Fiverr Dashboard.

Go to fiverr’s dashboard & click on ‘More’, you will the exact screen as below:


Now you might be familiar with the screen, Click on ‘Buyer Request’.

2: Filtering Buyer Requests.

It will bring a screen flooded with buyer request as shown below:


Keep in mind that when you respond to buyer requests.

There are plenty of things which should be kept in mind.

For instance, You can filter the requests if your account has more than one categories gigs.

Now !

As you can see that i have sent thousands of requests & imagine the amount of sales i have made so far from this account only.

That’s amazing right ?

You can do the same if you use this tactic properly.

Once you filtered out the requests.

3: Right Time.

The next step is to find the buyer requests posted on the same/current date when you’re responding to fiverr requests.


Don’t respond to the fiverr’s requests, the ones posted yesterday or on some other dates.

Because the chances are pretty high that they might have given the task already to someone.

But if you don’t see any request posted today & the times is nearly over.

So it’s better to bid on previous requests as it’s better to bid than wasting the requests away.

Understood ?

Once you’re done with date & filtering the requests.

4: Bidding Price.

The next step is to bid on the project that has higher budget than $5 only as shown below:


Why ?

There is no rocket science behind it.

It’s a simple technique that if you pick up the projects that has higher budget & bidding with your minimum amount.

The chances of getting a sale is higher than bidding on a project that has only $5 budget and you’re bidding for $5.

Let’s say!

If you are bidding on a project which has $40 budget and you’re telling your client that you will hold this job for only $15.

What will happen ?

The chances are high that you will be granted the job role.

Simple right ?

You might be thinking that it was a simple & got used to it already.


Wait !

Hold On!

5: Writing Your Proposal.

The next & most important step is that how do you proceed with your proposal once you’re done with these all ?

Which requests should be responded to increase fiverr sales ?

You might be doing this & you might be rushing and wasting your proposals away for no cause at all.

If you think you’re doing that properly and pretty satisfied with the results.

You’re welcome to quite.

But if you really want to know which & how ?

Stay with me !

This is gonna be a life changer for you 😉

If you have not done like this.

Now head over to the requests & analyse all the buyer requests post on the same date, with higher budget.

For example i am putting this right below to give you a better idea:


As you can see, I am choosing this request just because of the request itself because it is much more detailed than others.

You must go with the ones with higher budget, posted on the same date & a good detailed content as well.

In the image you can see that a customer is asking for few tasks.

He has a web page & mentioned its URL along with the task.

He wants to add HTML Codes on his page & mentioned his page URL as well.

How would you respond to this buyer request ?

Think for now !

Most of the people would be bidding like this :

Hey Alex,

I am an experienced web developer and i will be very happy to do this job for you & i have 5 years of experience etc.


Kind Regards,


Stop !

That’s where you go wrong.

If I were you, I would have responded like this:


Thank you for posting this job on fiverr. We are a professional web developers team & currently working on fiverr to expand our business & skills.

We would add HTML code into your web page (URL) for just $15 with unlimited free revisions till your satisfaction & 24/7 live support.

We would love to hold on to this job & looking forward to work with you. It would be such a pleasure to work with you.

Please let us know if you’re interested to work with us.

Just drop us a query regarding this order & we will contact you in less than 10 mins.



Did you notice the difference ?

There are several things that you should keep in your head while responding to buyer requests.


  1. Always mention the price you’re about to charge from your client & some free stuffs in your proposal.
  2. Use his business name as well in the buyer requests to show some relevancy so that he may come to know that you well understood the requirements.
  3. Mention the tasks he asked in his fiverr buyer requests to bring your proposal stand alone.
  4. Do not write your proposal in a passage.
  5. Use the words like “WE” Instead of “I” so that it convey a message to your customer that you’re a team.
  6. Try to be as precise you can & don’t bore your buyer.
  7. Try to write in short lines to bring a clear readability with adding some breaks after lines.
  8. Give him some discounts & free offers as well to be more prominent.
  9. Try to add much more services in the packages even if you don’t provide those.
  10. Show as much professionalism as you can & use some advanced grammar & surprising lines.

That’s how you do it properly & generate more sales with fiverr buyer requests !


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