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Bidvertiser Review for Advertisers & Publishers 2019

As we see now many people try to find out Bidvertiser Review to promote CPA, Affiliates Offers & Other products & promotions on some media buying platform at very cheap cost.

You probably would be sucked just because your affiliates offers are not converting or you are paying much more for your campaigns & promotions.

There are many media buying platforms out there & you can just sign up as an adverstiser on many of them easily but we are not discussing about all of the advertising platforms. We are going to Review Bidvertiser for Advertisers & Publisher.

Bidvertiser is a platform for both advertisers & publishers as well, As let me clear you that Bidvertiser is an alternative platform to google adword & bingads whereas you’re paying much much more cost per click value & exhausting your budget quickly.

It is founded in 2008 & has 4.3 expert rating as it will be described in graphical chart as well in this article. So bidvertiser provides you more cheaper clicks rather than any other media buying platform.

Bidvertiser for Advertisers:

  • Customisation Ads( You can design your own ads manually).
  • Different Type of Ads Formats.
  • Can be Targeted Geologically.
  • Refund on Invalid Clicks.
  • Choose Ads to Appear on Site of Your Own Choice.




Bidvertiser For Publishers:

If you’re a publisher, there are no hard & fast requirements to sign up & get a publisher account on bidvertiser. You can simply sign up as there are no traffic measurements needed.

You can sign up & use their ads in your websites & blogs & start earning some extra bucks beside off adsense. You won’t be showing ads on pornographic websites, viruses & cracking & hacking websites as they don’t allow their users to show ads on such websites.

Bidvertiser allows it’s publishers to use variety of different ads set including image ads, Text ads and much more, You can simply copy & paste HTML code into you web page and start earning easily after this bidvertiser review.


Bidvertiser For Publishers  (Requirements):

  • Minimum Traffic: None.
  • Prohibited Contents: Sexual Websites, Scams, Spams, Viruses, Hacking & Cracking.
  • Publisher Language: Basic English.


User Rating: 4.06 ( 4 votes)

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