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20 Best Selling Fiverr Gigs to Make Money Online

Best Gig Ideas for Fiverr To Sell

You have no skills but looking to work on fiverr without putting some hard & fast efforts ?

You can do this even if your skills are very minimal.

Yes. You heard it right.

There are several business ideas to make money online but..

You can start making money online by doing some a 10 years old kids works.

Isn’t it amazing ?

Just imagine yourself on the top of it. Right ?

I don’t want to be very vague about this but fiverr is a micro-jobs platform but now a days being used in a vast range for large projects as well.


I ain’t here to teach you that how would you do that from scratch to end & how can you make money online in a night.

I would give you an idea about 20 Best  Selling Fiverr Gigs to Make Money Online Instantly so you can start it easily.

If you’re just tired of searching out that How to make money online on fiverr?.

I urge you to stop your searches.

When it comes to fiverr, you should know that fiverr isn’t as easy as you have been told.

Making money online is a tactic which is being driven by your mind not your investments.

But i can promise you that at the end of this article you will be able in getting some extra bucks into your pocket.

Everything works in a circle when you talk about to make money online.

You should stay in that circle to grab some values against your work.

Because once you cross that circle, competitors will be overwhelming you directly.

So without being let’s start.

But before if you have not created a fiverr account so far, you can sign up on fiverr here.

Okay so.

Let’s jump into it without any further due.


Before that let me show you a real time earning proof that how much i earned in a month through these fiverr gigs.



That’s amazing for a month especially when you have no skills right ?

Yes you are thinking right that you can do this.

There are several fiverr gigs which can owe you more than this even 10x of this.

I ain’t kidding.

Let’s jump into it that how i earned $25458.45 in a month on fiverr even having no skills.

1: Logo Designs


Logo design is a top-notch category of fiverr and many people are earning a lot of money through it.

Though you don’t need some special skills to design logos but all you need is to setup adobe illustrator and start it.

You can clinch it even without any strict skills like others are doing it.


These people are crushing the market right now & have earned may be more than a $100k so far ?

Yes, I am telling you truth.

Because these people have bulk of orders in there queue lists.

Don’t believe ?

Have a look at this one:


Now that’s not an optical illusion, you can go & check it by yourself.

All you need to create & optimise a fiverr gig & start earning.

2: Flyers & Brochures


In fact graphic designs itself is a worthy category but Flyers & brochures bring a lot more worth to it.

Flyers & brochures is a need of business, individuals & entrepreneurs now a days.

You can say it’s an flexible sub category & need of today’s era.

If you’re planning to start on fiverr, I highly recommend you to go through it & you can charge as you wish.


In addition to logo designs, you don’t need any costly tools & training to start it.

You can do it in adobe illustrator & set your pricing packages in your fiverr gigs.

3: Business Cards & Stationery


Who does not love business cards for their personal needs ?

Industries out there and many individuals need it for their business to expand & make it realistic.

You can start a handsome living through this fiverr gig as well.

Because many entrepreneurs & business owners like to keep a copy of their business cards along themselves to expand their popularity & business growth.

As there are many top rated sellers on fiverr in this category can be seen below :


You could be one of them.

Sounds crazy ?

I know that could be a little hard in start but it will be easy though once you get through it.

You can do it on your finger tap with adobe illustrator & without it.

You can download some freebie templates & make some amendments in them & deliver your work.

Or you can design it online with free tools as there are many tools available online now.

Perfect ?

Why don’t you just give it a try today ?

4: Photoshop Editing


Though it requires a bit of skills but it’s worth of.

People always try stay in trends & look handsome with few alterations in their images.

They prefer to look more handsome if there is a possibility to be.

But many people are too busy with their schedules and don’t have time even for themselves.

So they prefer to outsource their tasks.

There are bulk of photographers & individual persons those who need their pictures & images to be touched nicely.

They hand over this job to micro workers on fiverr to be done smoothly.

I have a friend who earned more than $20,000 by doing Photoshop editing only.

You can do it if he can do that.

These are bunch of people doing it already & for a long time as shown below:


You need a bit knowledge of adobe Photoshop & you can set up your fiverr gigs to make money online.

You can set gig packages according to your skills & tasks you mentioned in your gigs and BOOM.

5: Infographic Design


Selling Info-graphics on fiverr is a best idea to make money and even it costs you nothing.

There are around 1900 sellers in this fiverr gig category & all of them are getting orders.


Many website developers & Seo Gurus need info-graphics for their websites to embed it into their content.

They prefer mostly to outsource it because they have hectic routines due to load of work.

The pro side of this gig is that you even don’t need special skills & install Photoshop or illustrator to do this.

There are some free tools available in the market & one of the best is CANVA where you can use their templates.

You can pickup a template & make some edits according to customer’s requirements and deliver it without any much struggle.

6: Vector Tracing


In Addition to logo designs, Vector tracing is much simpler & easier.

It’s a free money if you know how to do it, as it requires less than 5 minutes of your time and no additional skills.

A bunch of freelancers are doing it & grabbing this free money online.


You just need a adobe illustrator setup and you’re done, nothing else !

Crazy right ? 😀

There are many people who don’t know how to trace their images, what they will do ?

Customers will provide you raster images & you just have to insert it into adobe illustrator.

Click > Trace> Expand > DONE.


7: Domain Research


Domain research is nothing but a business name or idea to customers.

It depends totally on your mind & requires no software to do it.

You can brainstorm your customer with different appropriate domain names or business names & earn money through it.

You can send them  domain names in bulk like these people are doing.


Likewise i have domain name “Next Step Gen”.

8: Resumes & Cover Letters


Selling Resume & Cover Letters on fiverr is the best idea to make some extra bucks in your leisure times.

Though it requires you nothing but some resume or cover templates which you can design if you can.

But !

If you can’t do that no worries at all, You can pick up a free template from freepik or other free resources.

Make some possible changes in it in adobe Photoshop or illustrator & put your customer’s content into it.

Don’t worry about the content as your clients will provide you material that what to write in it & what to be excluded.

9: Proofreading & Editing


Proofreading & Editing is one of the best & easy fiverr gig ideas.

You can do it in a fun way if you think that you’re strong enough to eliminate grammar errors, syntax errors or any other phrase errors in content.

You can simply edit the content & go through manually thoroughly into it abolish errors from root.

Or if you’re lazy enough like me ?

You can pickup some online free facilitated tools & put your content into it & then you can adjust it & deliver to your clients.

10: Articles & Blog Posts


Nevertheless the whole writing gig is profitable if you are expert into writing but articles & blog post are most demanded now a days.

Why ?

Because many website owners, Bloggers & Seo experts are the way too busy managing their websites & don’t have time to write new articles.

So you get an opportunity to deliver the quality on fiverr.

You can write articles or blog posts for them in order to get extra freebie chilly money.

You can adjust your pricing as per 1000 words you can charge minimum of $20 or whatever suits you best.

11 : Voice Over


Do you love your voice ? Does it attract the people who follow you or ever someone admired it?

If so, Let me tell you that you can use it as your highest converting weapon on fiverr into cash.

How amazing is that right ?

Yes, indisputably that is your most wanted countable skill to work on fiverr.

You can start working as a Voice Over artist on fiverr & earn a lot of money just through your voice & speaking a well written script.

Many people out there are looking to convert their textual script into a attractive voice & this could be your best chance.

All you need to buy a outstanding studio mic & you can start crushing your wallet.

Customers will provide you a written script & you have to just speak in a moderate & styled way.

12: Singer-Songwriters


Have you ever sung a song & inspired your friends or ever written a song, a script, a melody or lyrics ?

If so, you’re lucky that we have found you & you should be glad to know that your future might be glittering on fiverr.

If you think that you can sing song in a sleek way that’s cool thing ever & you can start singing for others on fiverr & make money online through it.

But if you’re shy to sing & hesitating but on the others hands you think that you can write lyrics for others, Perfect!

You can either sing or write or can do both of these on fiverr & it’s a real flooding cash that you can’t imagine.

Let your talent turn into cash 😉

13: Convert Files


A piece of cake is waiting for you to be sold on fiverr.

Converting file is the top fiverr gig  ideas ever because you don’t need extra time & special investment & training in it.

You can convert files through many free available tools & you can convert Excel to PDF or PDF to Excel whatever best of fiverr is.

Even it’s free, How cool is that to hear right ?

So start jumping into it today & collect your cash-bags on fiverr.

14: Whiteboard & Animated Explainers


Whiteboard & Animations is another one of the  top selling fiverr gigs.

You can create amazing videos & animations on whiteboard screen with many free tools available in the market.

You can design & create your videos in Explaindio whiteboard animation software which isn’t free but it worth’s buying.

Once you get into it, Everything is available to edit, Free templates to edit & customise as desired.

You can sell your animated videos on fiverr & it could be a big fiverr game for you.

15: Intros & Outros


Unlike animated videos, Intros & Outros are most trending now because most you-tubers need such kind of stuff.

So yes, You can say that it’s most wanted fiverr gig for now because people are pretty busy in handling their own stuffs.

They don’t get time to do it by themselves.

If you know how to do it, Perfect.

But if you don’t know, don’t be panic.

It’s pretty simple, You just need adobe after effect‘s setup and you can do this in less than 10 mints.


You can simply import free templates, replace the text which you were given by your clients, replace the logo & Done.

You can charge per order on fiverr as you wish.

16 : Logo Animation


Logo animation is pretty similar fiverr gig idea to intros & outros but it’s more simpler than that and less time taking.

The main advantage of this gig is that less time consumption and less resources are required.

You just need adobe after effects only & you can download free templates online.

All you need to do is to replace the logo in your template with your client’s logo & the software will do rest for you.

You can charge per Animation as you will or as it pleases you but i would recommend minimum of $20.

17 : Lyric & Music Videos


Moreover Lyric & Music Videos is bit similar to Singers – Song writers fiverr gig.

You can say that it is one of  the most popular fiverr gigs.

You can write lyrics for your customers if you have perfect hands in poetry or heart touching lyrics.

You can create animated lyrics videos, trap music, music visualiser in adobe After effects or you can write your best lyrics.

18 :Virtual Assistant


Virtual assistant somehow has few conflicts regarding the clarification that what does it actually do ?

Virtual assistant on fiverr is  from best ideas for fiverr money.

You can be a adviser to people or come up with a solutions to their problems, bring them values & leads.

It’s more worthy when you get  involved so many people, literally it might require your communication skills.

19 : Data Entry


Presenting you the beginners level job “Data Entry” on fiverr & it converts as fast as light.

You can start working as data operator on fiverr and hold on data entry jobs for some bucks.

Though the tasks are pretty easy so it might give you less amount of money but it works.

You can enter data in excel sheets or you can do typing work but that depends on your client.

20: Your Message On…



Your Message On… is kind of fun actually 😀 But this thing is working trust me & many people are doing it already.

If you’re a fun guy, i would recommend you to try this, turn your talent into your passion.

You can write a message or a name on your body, on something that’s funny or amazing & Sell it away on fiverr.

You can start selling today on fiverr by these fiverr gig ideas with very minimal skills.

Happy Earning 😉



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