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What is Fiverr Sign Up | Create Fiverr Account

Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can start working as a freelancer from your home & even without any realistic investments & start earning some extra bucks without much hard & fast rules & efforts by bidding on projects.

Even though if you’re completely newbie, still i would be hoping that this article will bring you a taste of bucks & cup of coffee.

All you need to do is to have a mind-set & know your skills before working as a freelancer on fiverr.

Many people just rush out their fiverr accounts with dummy values & just wait & sit to get clients globally while they know nothing that, this isn’t the right way you can earn money online as a newbie.


There is no doubt at all that, in past few years, freelancing got much more complications due to heavy load or sellers and decrease number of its customers & buyers.

But !!

That’s not all yet. The Market is not solely dead Yet.

You just need to figure out that What’s the right way of getting clients & make money online like i always do.

Things gets complicated when you start hearing from so many people around you.

Focus on one thing, Hear to one person who is already doing properly ! That’s the key which can bring you some value counts.

If i can do this, Everyone else can do this, All you need to do is to follow the key steps which can stroke your fiverr sales & income.

I bet you can earn a lot of money from fiverr like others people are doing now & you are just sitting & wishing that if you could be the same person.

As for now you must be familiar with Fiverr. I hope so!

If not, Still you can read all the related topic as well to get a better idea about it.



Hello! My Name is Zeeshan & I am a top-notch freelance expert, a successful affiliate marketer & a SEO expert & Founder of Next Step Generation.

We’re gonna give you a straight & sleek way that how can you possibly sign up on fiverr !

Well you might be thinking that, This is funny as you already know how to sign up and create your accounts.

Yes ! You DO !

But that’s where you make mistakes, account creation is the first step that you get your 1st sale on fiverr.

There are various things that should be kept in mind when you create your fiverr accounts, so we’re going to elaborate those things which you have missed already & missing still.

Fiverr sign up is just a term which is being used over here, It’s normally like any other sign up like Gmail, Yahoo & Bing etc.

Well But here we have got some extra values which are pretty cool and should be kept in mind while when you sign up on fiverr & create fiverr account.

I ain’t so Sure about that i would be focusing on all parts clearly here in a short topic, but i would try to explain as much as i can.

So that you get a better idea that which kind of sign ups can generate you Fiverr orders & Sales.

Okay ! So without further due, Let’s get to know that how to create fiverr account properly & which will giving you extra pounds of money.



Once you have opened fiverr, you will see the exact page as above!

Click on the upper most right corner and click on JOIN ! Once you click on the JOIN gear on the upper right corner.

It will prompt up you a new box which will ask you to enter you email to register exactly the below image describes.


Enter your email address which you want to use to register on fiverr & hit Continue !

You will see the following screen with two text boxes over it.


Now it was simple so far, But many people do mistakes here, that they just use any random Username and create their fiverr accounts & later they get nothing.

No sales at all, no orders on fiverr, no customers, no buyers.

Keep in mind that your account matters a lot when it comes to your buyers or any stranger that is about to order you, so you get to build some trust by your Username on fiverr.

You can’t change your Fiverr Username once you are done with it, so imagine yourself as a buyer and use those kind of Username which shows some values, weight & trustworthiness.

1. Username must b unique & must carry weight.

2. It must be niche relevant you’re about to work on fiverr or there is no need to sign up on fiverr.

3. It must look like a branded name, not your personal.

4. It must show that it’s used by a team & a company name, not your personal.

5. It must be mixed up with a branded name + your niche that you’re about to work on fiverr.

Furthermore, for the sake of your best understanding, I am going to use a Username which complies all of the above 5 key steps.

Once you’re done with Username & decided what to use for your account.

Just Enter Your Username & a Strong password & Click on JOIN!


To make you well understood, I have given an example right above, I have used “lexal_graphics” as my Username.

So it shows that my niche or category is graphics & my company or brand name is lexal.

Now it carries some sense & trustworthiness that it’s a brand not a single personal who is running this fiverr account.

so when your buyer will come to visit your profile on fiverr, they will come to know & will carry a heavy impression which will load them to order you.

Once you’re done with all these steps, Click on ‘JOIN’ & you’re now on fiverr’s home screen.

You’re account is ready to use now & generate passive sales !


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